Canine and Feline Immunization
and Wellness Care

Our goal is to provide you with the best care possible, striving to prevent illness whenever possible. Our practice includes wellness exams on an annual and bi-annual basis. This means, we do thorough physical exams(including eyes, ears, heart, lungs, skin, temperatures,..), vaccines, blood parasite screens, intestinal parasite screens…
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Emergency, Critical Care and Surgery

Our hospital is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to help your pet in the most critical time of their life.  From comfortable hospital bedding, IV pumps, and constant monitoring, we will make sure your pet has the best care while staying with us.

Our surgery suite is sterile, bright, and clean. We offer routine surgical care as well as advanced surgical techniques.  We offer pre-anesthetic blood screening and ECG’s before your pet undergoes anesthesia. Your pet is monitored by the attending Veterinarian and our surgery technician.

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Our hospital is equipped with all the needs if your pet is required to stay with us in the hospital for some time. From comfortable hospital bedding, IV pumps, and constant monitoring, we will make sure your pet has the best care while staying in the hospital.

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Park Place Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility, located in the beautiful Lake Oconee area of Greensboro, GA.

The professional and courteous staff at Park Place Animal Hospital seeks to provide the best possible medical care, surgical care and dental care for their highly-valued patients.

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What Our Clients Say

Fantastic and caring, every person there!

Dee Bingham – Greensboro, GA -

Always exceptional service from everyone. Love Park Place and so do my 3 boys.

Barbara B. – Eatonton, GA -

I had a wonderful experience thank u very much.

George Pirie – Eatonton, GA -

When I brought Simon to Park Place Animal Hospital, I was greeted and taken care of immediately. Simon was examined by the vet tech and in a few minutes the doctor examined and diagnosed Simon after gathering some samples from him. She administered the medicine and we were on our way after she thoroughly explained what I needed to do to make sure Simon became better. I was immediately reassured that Simon would be ok and after being back home for a few hours and taking his medications Simon was back to normal! Than you to the doctors and vet technicians at Park Place Animals Hospital for taking care of Simon! Simon Rocco Josie and Shulaika M. La Cruz

Shulaika La Cruz – Greensboro, GA - Computer Engineer

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